Fly2play gold trips to Oman

Fly2play gold trips to Oman

Unique Oman - trips to Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is located on the Arabian Peninsula and belongs to the countries of the Persian Gulf. The uniqueness of the state is that all types of natural landscape are concentrated on its territory: mountains with waterfalls, the Indian Ocean with coral reefs, desserts with oases. The tropical climate provides comfortable weather for all types of recreation. After buying a tour and going to the fabulous Oman, you will: get acquainted with the cultures of Africa, Asia, the East; take a tour of the desert on camels, ATVs, or jeeps; swim with diving equipment on the reefs, looking into underwater caves; "ride" the wave on a surfboard. As well as a tour to the mysterious Oman - it is informative and tourist walks through castles, fortresses, tombs, fishing, bullfights, colorful shopping in the eastern markets, where you can make interesting profitable purchases. Items of clothing, oriental sweets, aromatic oils, spices, jewelry, and much more are brought from Oman.

Your uncharted vacation in Oman

Oman is not yet a very “developed" country by tourists, so hurry up to become pioneers before your friends get ahead of you. Of course, the prices for the tours are high, but we guarantee that the Omani adventure will be one of the brightest moments in your life! Do you have a desire to buy a tour to the Sultanate? Then Fly2play will take all the trouble to organize an original and truly fashionable holiday. The small Sultanate of Oman (the birthplace of Sinbad the mariner) is one of the safest and most environmentally friendly places on earth. At the same time, the country is quite a modern region. There are good roads, modern buildings and sports facilities. The tourist infrastructure is represented by luxury hotels, restaurants with unusual but delicious food. The country is visited for recreation by different tourists: both those who crave drive and adrenaline, and those who dream of quiet peace. For all categories of tourists, we can easily select the right, suitable for the price, tours to Oman. In the country, you will get a great holiday, both in nature and in modern cities: in the capital Muscat, Nizwa, or Sohar, where high-rise buildings are adjacent to watchtowers standing between palm trees. The Omanis are a very hospitable, friendly people, with all the strictness of their morals.

When and where to relax better

It is recommended to buy tours to Oman in the spring and autumn period. This time in the country is characterized by the most comfortable weather for a European: it is not so hot (from 26 to 30 degrees), there is no rain at all. In the winter months, the rest is also good, and it is chosen by people who seek peace: the influx of guests subsides, there are no queues, the fuss "goes away". It is in the low season that we recommend taking sightseeing tours to the state of Oman, so that you can walk through the rich halls of the capital's museums with a "sense, sense, arrangement": Omani-French, national Omani life, natural history, as well as explore the numerous churches and temples belonging to different religions (Catholic, Protestant, Judaist, Christian Hindu, Buddhist). Active tourists and young people make jeep tours to the mountains, deserts and oases. Holidays in Oman allow you to go on yachts, sail on traditional Arab boats, scuba dive into the depths of the sea, and fish. Be sure to visit Salalah-the garden city. The nature of Oman is represented by the Jabal Shams mountains, green palm plantations with delicious dates and lemon trees, waterfalls, healing hot springs with sulfur, fjords, nature reserves, which are home to rare representatives of the animal world (antelopes, amazing sea turtles).

Fly2play will provide a hassle-free holiday

Tours to the alluring Oman are becoming more and more popular due to their novelty and "unbrokenness". Fans of the East, its culture and traditions will especially like the country. Fly2play travel agency arranges turnkey tours to Oman. We will prepare all the necessary documents, which also include visas and insurance, book air tickets, hotel rooms, the cost of which will fully satisfy you. The trip to Oman will be "without a hitch", and will bring a sense of complete satisfaction. You will return from the country with a dark tan on your skin, a smile on your face, joy in your soul!

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