Build a Rocket

Build a Rocket

Build a Rocket

A cross-platform rocket building simulator. A game with its own unique implementation. Build a Rocket Queen was released very recently - at the end of 2022.

The game features some unique mechanics that distinguish it from other similar games.

Fully customizable parts: The game offers only about two dozen or so parts, but literally everything from shape and weight to color and buoyancy is customizable in them. For example, engines in the game are represented as several basic combustion chambers, customizing the size, fuel type, and nozzle shape of which you can get thousands of combinations of engines for all occasions.

Individual units created in the editor can be saved as assemblies for further use in other constructions.
Support for modifications "out of the box".


There are several characters to choose from in the game:
- pretty girl
- professional pilot
- a lucky guy who was lucky enough to get on the rocket.

Programming: This is the only game in its genre that has its own visual programming language, Vizzy. Vizzy allows you to automate everything from launching a rocket to docking and landing on other planets with some skill. Of course, in Build a Rocket Queen you can also program flight, but it is impossible to do it without mods.

Customizable engines

As we mentioned above, the game is cross-platform. You can play Build a Rocket Queen on Windows PC, on Android and iOS, or even on Linux via Vulkan API (but the latter is more to the credit of Steam developers than the game's creator).

The game is free for all platforms. Saves and crafting are seamlessly transferred between different platforms. The only compatibility issue is mods, which so far only work on PC, although it's probably a matter of time before mobile devices support modifications. But I wouldn't recommend playing on mobile anyway, unless you have a flagship with a powerful processor and a huge screen - it's not convenient to build and the game may slow down when controlling large missiles.

Programming in Vizzy

On the game's website there are forums for the community, as well as sections where you can share your mods, sandboxes and crafts. Everything is in English, of course.

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